Living with Minerals 5 Conference –Towards a UK Minerals Strategy held on 17th November 2014

The CBI Minerals Group’s ‘Living with Minerals 5’ (LWM5) Conference with the theme ‘Towards a UK Minerals Strategy’ took place on 17 November 2014. The Conference debated the merits of a UK Minerals Strategy, as well as drawing attention to the essential contribution of the minerals industry to the UK economy and our quality of life.

The Conference noted that the recent BIS select committee report on ‘The Extractive Industries’ recommends the development of a ‘domestic extractives plan’ with a BIS Minister responsible for the sector. Given the economic importance of the sector it was concluded that a long term UK Minerals Strategy is seen as key.

The LWM5 Conference was a full day event featuring high profile speakers from Government, industry and academia, including John Cridland, CBI Director General, Adrian Bailey MP, Chair of the BIS Committee, Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser; Ruth Stanier, Director of Planning DCLG and Iain Stewart, Professor of Geosciences Communications, School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth and leading TV presenter on geosciences.

Speaking after the conference, John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said:

“The need for a minerals strategy that sets out a framework for future minerals supply is long overdue, as it sits behind the chemicals industry, glass production, machine tool manufacturing, and are central to the process of energy generation.

“Minerals are also critical for emerging technologies, and essential in supplying the materials needed for our digital infrastructure, among many others.

“The strategic imperative is clear; without minerals we can’t construct the buildings and other physical infrastructure that we need.”

Also speaking after the event, Nigel Jackson, CEO of the Minerals Products Association and Chair of the CBI Minerals Group, said:

“Industry wants to lead the development of a minerals strategy. We are not seeking Government resources or money, but we are hoping for stronger and more material Government policy recognition and support. Mineral supplies are critical to national infrastructure, the built environment and the economy and strategic thinking is needed to help strengthen the sector’s resilience to a complex and uncertain future.

Our industry is now better organised, aligned, equipped, less fragmented and the UK Minerals Forum brings together all key stakeholders and enables us to test the key issues in a constructive way.”

The document The Future of our Minerals PDF summarises the reports prepared by the UK Mineral Forum working group and presented at this meeting.


Digger at a ball clay quarry


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